System Technology

Encryption Capability & Management 

The communication system supports encryption using an internal AES.256 encryption algorithm (CBC). The encryption block may be bypassed to enable unencrypted mode of operation.

The system supports key injection by the customer using a designated Key loader provided by the customer or developed by the vendor.

Video Compression

The communication system includes a video encoder and decoder using H.264 video compression standard. The remote transceiver can be interfaced to analog composite video source or SDI interface by using a Commtact’s video encoder unit.
The Central Ground Data Terminal streams the video to the video player installed on the control station computers.

Software Defined Radio

Commtact Products are based on Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture enhancing the system capabilities and reliability. The SDR design enables Commtact to provide our customers with state of the art  technology which can be easily  tailored to their requirements. To meet evolving technology demands the SDR systems can be easily upgraded by the customer. The upgrade is based on software and firmware upgrade without the need to change the hardware. 

Transmission Security (TRANSEC) 

The system implements two complementary techniques: Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) or Frequency Hopping (FH) aimed to counter hostile jammers in addition to reducing the electromagnetic foot print of the transmission thus reducing its exposer to hostile parties achieving low probability of intercept (LPI) and achieving privacy thus increasing the system’s robustness. 


The DLS provides full duplex digital communication. Gaussian-shaped Minimum Shift Keying (GMSK) digital modulation is being used because of its spectrum efficiency and allows the use of efficient power amplifiers which substantially reduces platform power consumption. This is a critical factor for tactical unmanned platforms which are limited in power budget.

The transceiver uses digital techniques for demodulation and provides high data link performance with high fade margin. Having outstanding efficiency in the spectrum with selectivity in the data rate. Forward Error Correction (FEC) technique is a key to the system’s advanced performance.