Commtact’s line of electronics and communications solutions provide superior data collection, storage and transmission performance in unconventional, challenging and remote situations requiring high-throughput wireless video and data communication, at all times.

Our proprietary data links ensure high performance and reliability, creating a self-forming, self-healing, mesh network for superior data communication . Even in complex areas without cell phone coverage, such as drilling rigs, pipelines and powerhouses Commtact can ensure secured wireless communication in diverse operational ranges depending on the customer’s needs.

Complying with all relevant regulations, Commtact systems ensure your remote industrial field is always connected to the commercial world, for superior operational and business results. Our comprehensive line of communications products for the industrial field include everything from sensors to control stations, for parameter security, strategic facilities and more.

 Governmental agencies and defense industries, responsible for vital state assets, are increasingly requiring more and better information security solutions for their infrastructure. 
Commtact has the knowhow, solutions and capabilities to provide integrated, highly secured and stable communication solutions that ensure homeland security and public safety and won’t collapse due to data overload, for continuous communication and better end results for all parties involved. Our systems connect your mobile teams robustly and securely, increase your line-of-sight range, improve your reliability in complex non-line-of-sight and multipath environments and enhance real-time decision making.
Our reliable and encrypted data link communication technology creates a self-forming, self-healing mesh network, ideal for use by law enforcement, first responder and border patrol teams.