With over two decades of experience in wireless communications, Commtact is recognized worldwide as a leading producer of advanced data link systems for all types of manned, unmanned aerial, ground and naval platforms.


UAV Data link Solutions (MALE, HALE, Tactical, CR, Small, MINI)

Commtact provides state-of-the-art Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Communication solutions composing digital modulations, multi airborne platforms operations, ECCM, COMSEC and relay capabilities for various distances, according to costumer needs.
Commtact’s line of UAV data link systems provide tailored communication solutions that meet each customer’s specific needs and requirements. Commtact’s LOS communication solutions cover all types of UAVs, from Mini UAVs and drones to the most sophisticated MALE and HALE UAS platforms.
Commtact can provide solutions that encompass the most basic requirements, as well as most comlpex specifications.
Our highly advanced Data link systems incorporate digital transmission techniques for improved communication range and spectrum utilization.

Manned Airborne Platform

Commtact’s line of manned data link solutions for airborne operations provide tailored communication solutions that meet each customer’s specific needs and requirements. Our solutions can be used with many types of platforms, in varying altitudes and under multiple operational conditions. The systems are tailored to support half-duplex and full- duplex links, in accordance with each client’s individual requirements. Our solutions include data link communications for bouth mission aircraft and helicopters (Heli-link).

Commtact data link solutions support various types of payloads, meet small size, weight (SWaP) and minimum power consumption requirements and deliver rich information in real-time and in demanding environmental conditions – enabling communication between manned airborne vehicles and other platforms, when it’s needed most.



Commtact provides solutions for missiles, guided weapon and loitering munitions consists of areas of advanced miniature Data link systems and are based on Commtact’s legacy in LOS systems.
Commtact solution for munitions systems provide Up link control and Telemetry, Data and video transfer.


Naval Link

Seeking to enable the transmission of live video and data between platforms and enable improved, real-time situational awareness in the unmanned surface, Commtact has developed a cutting-edge line of data link solutions for naval vessels. Our solutions provide communications in LOS and NLOS between naval platforms, aerial and ground-based operations, in various configurations, enabling superior USV control from a mother ship or ground station.

The maritime environment presents various challenges, including demanding physical (ship movement, harsh environmental conditions) and multipath constraints. Commtact’s vast experience in the unmanned surface industry enables us to develop naval systems capable of overcoming said challenges, smoothly and efficiently. Commtact provides maritime customers with MIL STD, IP67 products.

In scenarios where complex 2 axis auto tracking is required to be conducted from the ship Commtact can either connect to the INS system platform or provide a complete solution incorporating standalone INS systems embedded into each Commtact naval communications system.


Land Communication

Commtact’s solutions for land communication create a superior user information network, enabling tactical data link transfers of video and ROIP/VOIP between solution, border security data transfers from deployed sensors, seamless UGV operations and more.
Commtact Ground Data Radio provides ideal solutions for ground networking among sensors, deployed command posts and central HQ.
The system provides sensor control and data transfers from deployed sensors, enabling commanders on the field and at HQ to obtain real-time information on areas of interest, which will ultimately enhance and support their decision-making processes.