Resiliently Built for Any Application in Challenging Demands


Resiliently Built for Any Application in Challenging Demands

Commtact’s suite of wireless communication solutions offers the flexibility to tailor solutions to specific demands of our customers, ensuring seamless and fully coordinated integration.

Regardless of the platform in use or the operational constraints encountered, a range of suitable solutions is available. Tailored solutions are also available to fulfill any necessary requirements.


Elevate Your Aviation Operations with Commtact’s Cutting-Edge Solutions

Enhance your Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) or standoff missions with Commtact’s advanced technology.

Our state-of-the-art solutions integrate digital modulations, multi-platform operations, Electronic Counter-Countermeasure (ECCM), Communication Security (COMSEC), and relay capabilities to meet diverse communication needs across various distances, terrains and spectral environments.

Commtact addresses both basic requirements and complex specifications, ensuring that our solutions adapt to evolving operational needs.

We leverage our highly advanced data-link systems to employ digital transmission techniques that optimize communication range and spectrum utilization. Our focus is on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your missions, while achieving unmatchable SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) performance.

Available products:

UAV Data link Solutions: (MICRO Phoenix, Phoenix, MAXI Phoenix, Raven, MDLS)


Commtact’s Advanced Data Link Solutions for Naval Vessels

Commtact has developed an advanced line of data link solutions for naval vessels, enabling the transmission of live video and data between platforms and facilitating improved, real-time situational awareness on the unmanned surface operations.

Our solutions establish communications in Line of Sight (LOS) and Non-Line of Sight (NLOS) between naval platforms, aerial, and ground-based operations in various configurations, providing superior Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) control from a mothership or ground station.

The maritime environment presents various challenges, including demanding physical (ship movement, harsh environmental conditions) and multipath constraints that require state-of-the-art wireless technology. Commtact’s solutions are designed to meet those challenges.

In scenarios where complex two axis auto tracking is required to be conducted from the ship, Commtact can either connect to the platform Inertial Navigation Solution (INS) or provide a complete solution incorporating standalone INS systems.

Available products:


Revolutionize Connectivity with Commtact’s Land Data Link Solutions

Experience unparalleled connectivity with Commtact’s land communication solutions, designed to establish a superior user information network.

Our communication enhances operational efficiency and situational awareness through seamless transfers of tactical data link video, border security data from sensors, and Unmanned Ground Vessel (UGV) operations.

Commtact’s Ground Data Radio offers optimal ground networking solutions, seamlessly integrating sensors, deployed command posts, and central headquarters.

Empowering commanders in the field and at HQ, our system enables real-time sensor control and data transfers, providing critical information on areas of interest. By facilitating swift and informed decision-making processes, our solutions enhance operational effectiveness and support mission success.

Available products:


Comtact’s Combat Proven Munition Networking

Effective communication is paramount for mission success and troop safety. Commtact provides cutting-edge wireless communication solutions tailored specifically for munition applications.

Our military network technology plays a crucial role in enhancing the precision, efficiency, and safety of various munition systems deployed by military forces worldwide for defense and offence applications.

Our range of solutions supports missiles, guided weapons and loitering munitions, providing up-link/down-link control, telemetry, data and video transfer.

As a partner in Israel’s Missile Defense system, our communication solutions contribute significantly to its operational success.

Available products:

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