Meet Commtact 

For advanced wireless communication solutions that meet your every Defense, Industrial and First Responders application need, Commtact Ltd. is at your service. For over two decades, we have developed and manufactured advanced and reliable high-technology products and systems, displaying quick response capabilities, long-term stability and excellent customer and product support.

Our senior management team consists of highly experienced and professional RF and software engineers and ISR operational officers. Together, we have created and deployed dozens of innovative projects and solutions for the IDF, OEMs and other international military and civilian customers.

Our Vision

Commtact Ltd. aspires to become Israel’s leading developer and producer of cutting edge communication systems and technology for manned and unmanned aircraft, marine vessels and land vehicles.

Our workforce is our main, valuable resource. As such, our dedicated team strives to continuously drive personal growth and positivity among one another, highlighting such achievements as catalysts for research, development and production success.

To reduce overhead costs and step out as true industry leaders, we apply efficient management practices throughout our development, purchase and production processes.

We envision a future of continuous growth for Commtact, achieved through unique technological developments in defense and civilian communications fields.

Our Mission

At Commtact, we seek to become the one-stop-shop for all your innovative and comprehensive wireless and data link products, systems and applications.

To achieve this goal, we employ a broad range of flexible design, development and manufacturing practices and processes with respect to all our communication solutions and applications, adapting products to suit your needs and achieve maximum compatibility, interoperability and satisfaction. Our proprietary technologies and mature line of products include RF modules, transmitters, receivers, digital modems, antennas, tracking systems, software and firmware packages, integrated digital and analog data link systems and special tailored wireless communication solutions for aerial, naval and ground applications.

Flexibility is Key

Commtact’s goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by adapting products to customer’s needs, rather than have the customer change the requirements in order to use a specific product. As such, our products are designed to maximum compatibility with most C4I architectures, in order to reach full interoperability with customers’ environment and with their new and legacy systems.