About Us

About Commtact

Commtact designs unparalleled advanced wireless communication solutions tailored to military applications. With legacy of over 20 years of expertise, we pride ourselves on developing and manufacturing cutting-edge, reliable high-tech products and systems. Our rapid response, enduring stability, and superior customer and product support set us apart.

With Commtact’s combat-proven technology, you can embody ultimate resilience. Our wireless military radio communications systems are tried and true, so you can be certain in the face of uncertainty.

Our R&D team is made of experts spanning a range of fields, including RF, algorithms, video processing, digital technologies, and mechanical engineering. Working as a cohesive team, they are constantly elevating our products and ready for the next challenge.

Our Vision

To be a top innovator in communication solutions for air, sea, and land platforms.

Our commitment to lead the industry is driven by our excellent team capabilities and performance as well a legacy of advancement and meticulous delivery.

Our Mission

Continue to grow and remain the dominant force in the global tactical communication market, while also exploring new technologies and applications.

Our Values

Innovation Teamwork Proactiveness Accountability Excellence


Our senior management team consists of highly experienced and professional RF and software engineers and ISR operational officers. Together, this dedicated team has created and deployed dozens of groundbreaking projects and solutions for the IDF, OEMs and other international military and civilian customers.